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A detuned capacitor system works out the function of power factor correction while preventing any amplification of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between the capacitor and inductive impedances of the electrical system. Installation of a Detuned Harmonic Filters is recommended, which can restrain a low-pass resonant circuit (usually below the 5th) harmonics to flow into capacitors.

HKSG – Detuned Reactors
Offer RangeHKSG
Short DescriptionDetuned Reactors
Rated Voltage450V, 525V, 480V (others can be customized)
Detuning6%, 7%, 12%, 14%
Connection TypeThree-phase
TypeSerial reactor
StandardIEC 60289
HKSG – Detuned Reactors
 Power Factor Correction
User guide
 HKSG user manual
HKSG – Detuned Reactors
Power Management
Power Management

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